Welcome to Data Empowerment

Data Empowerment is a hub for sharing insights and resources from interdisciplinary research on the digital transformation. The platform is hosted by a group of researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht with a focus on data literacy, critical data studies, digital culture(s), computational-/digital methods, and data-driven design.

Data Empowerment addresses critical issues of datafication and automation that pose challenges for building an inclusive digital society: data exploitation, data surveillance, data bias and algorithmic discrimination, information disorder, digital violence, and risks for cybersecurity.

This platform connects researchers from diverse academic fields with practitioners in technology, design, business, law, and governance for critically discussing and reflecting on current technological trends.

Every year, the team behind Data Empowerment also organises a conference for broad public audiences in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Den Haag (The Netherlands) and Gothenburg University. Past events focused on the freedom of speech in digital networks, data ownership, and data bias.

Data Empowerment also offers access to research insights and other resources that students, researchers, and practitioners can use for their work.