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By Martin Vos

This is a  e-learning website where young people between the age of 18 to 25 can learn how to protect their online social media accounts and what to do against phishing messages on these platforms. Through a test, people can gain insight in their current cybersecurity knowledge. Afterwards, they can browse through the content from the beginning divided over 6 chapters or go directly to a topic of their choice.  The content includes: 

  • How to create strong passwords 
  • How to set up a password manager or buy a password diary 
  • Setting up two-step authentication for social media profiles 
  • Getting notified whenever your personal files are within a data breach through Have I been Pwned  
  • Common patterns in phishing messages and how to recognize them 
  • How to check if you are on a safe website 
  • The risk of oversharing information (meaning daily) about yourself on social media profiles 

In other words, your go-to place to check your knowledge and learn more about social media hacking 

This project will be ready around the end of May. Check out the website with the following URL: 

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Martin Vos
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