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By Valerie Wollinger

Valerie Wollinger is graduation student in the Creative Business program (BA) at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. She currently works on a very timely and needed research project that connects data literacy to integration of migrants and refugees. Read more about her project and motivation below:

For a long time, I used to think about technology and society as two separate things standing next to each other. Today I understand that both are mutually influential. Displaced people are among the most fragile people on the planet and this vulnerability is translated into data. I want to enable newcomers to use technology and to meet data collection with a sharp mind, educated viewpoints, and a foundational understanding of digital infrastructures. 

The main objective is to make data literacy accessible to a broad target audience with different digital needs. This modular approach will be facilitated by promoting different knowledge components through means of social media. In addition, there will be a course manual for ICT-teachers in integration centres. This document entails suggestions for suitable learning environments, workshop components and useful background information.

Valerie Wollinger
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