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By Elida Rotaru

Elida Rotaru is a graduation student in the Creative Business programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. For her graduation project, she explores creative solutions for increasing critical thinking about data practices among aspiring UX-designers. Read more about her work below:

How many times have you read the Terms & Conditions? Or how many times you easily created an account but found it hard to cancel? Those, along with others, are far from being innocent accidents.

This interactive story is about exploring practices used in UX that trick users into giving their data away, called Dark Patterns. Woken up suddenly in The Cloud by randomly accepting the Terms & Conditions, a boy tries to find his way back home with the help of an UX designer. However, he must deal with a few Dark Patterns that try to stop his quest and keep him in The Cloud.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness and make designers understand the importance of ethical design by creating healthy products that respect people’s integrity and privacy.

Elida Rotaru
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